Floor Two: The Desert Room

“Welcome to BioDome, Welcome to the future, Welcome to the place I’m going to clap some cheeks”

In all seriousness…

It’s been a while, but I’m doing my best to keep progressing! Once you start to zoom out and see all that needs to be done it’s easy to get distracted. So let’s dive into “The Desert Room”. 

So, “Why” you may ask? I’m just keeping progress. We’ve got a fully glassed second floor geared towards a more open fight, giving more of the close-mid weapons more strength, while also giving routes to fast mobilities to the higher floors.


The goal with the Floor 2 Corner rooms is to provide a slightly slowed route to the ziplines upwards, providing room for fights, escapes, and multiple ways of engagement!

By creating unique vertical ziplines we’re able to make quick routes to floors instead of slow stairs that can be camped! If someone’s above you, then you’ve got 3 more routes to the next floor in the other corners!

It’s weird to be typing to nobody, but my hopes are to provide some fun insight to the process of the rooms, and reasonings for future players of our creative world!

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