Hyperfocus Tunnel Engage

Woah, where’d the holidays go?!

After getting the time to chill with family, and other projects out of the way my brain went into hyper focus on building this map, and ohhh boy am I more excited than ever! I’ll try and break down things, and then maybe each of the following days I’ll dive more into things and show more of them! I went creatively hard and am excited to share everything!

Tower Wars - Tryhard Towers Floor 3

Knowledge is Key…

My dad always echoed this statement to me, and that it’s not knowing everything, but knowing how to find it. With that I’ve always found an abundance of knowledge anywhere I look and I’ve been soaking every ounce of that in when building this map. I’ve been watching countless GDC Presentation Videos and they have given me sooooo much inspiration. From map awareness when building, to weapon POI’s creating heatmaps for clustering of play style and assessing for that. Every floor of this map is extensively looked at from every placement of a box, Is this cover, or is this campable”.

Memory… Woah

While my kids were brushing their teeth and getting ready for bed I stumbled across this awesome video on Memory Management in UEFN @ Unreal Fest 2023 and holy CRAP did I get to learn some things! So many great ways to understand the ins and outs of what’s taking up space and better arranging things! The highest space was taken up obviously by the flooring that’s spread out, but the second highest? 8 Stinky Flowers – Hahahaha yeah, they’re animated and took up a bunch of resources when in game! Also, Sunburst crate?! Those two, and I replicated a shrunk plant a ton, and those three things dropped my overall memory in zones from 65,000 to 15-25,000!!!

Streaming, and not on Twitch!

So the beauty within UEFN is the ability to segment your world into streaming parts. With this I’m able to reduce your loading of the towers you’re not even in, and giving ALL of the performance to where you’re at!

UEFN Streaming Cells

Oh what’s that dome…?

Yeah! About that… I was having a really hard time coming up with anything to put in the center and my wife is always my source for creativity. I turned and asked her, “What should I dooooo” to which she replied “I don’t know haha, can you anything?” I laughed and responded “Yep!”. Her answer, “A plane stuck in a tree!”

Here you go!

Center Final Zone - Tryhard Towers - Tower Wars

Center Final Zone - Tryhard Towers - Tower Wars

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