TryHard Towers: Floor Two

Into the second layer of the rabbit hole…

Once I got the chance to really play with the lighting while building the first floor, it became apparent to me, I need to open this baby up and show more glass! Once you make your way to the second floor you’ll notice the stark difference from the close quarters starting zone. I really wanted to give some room to sprint, make strategic positioning plays, and prepare for the weapon POI’s and zone movement ahead.

So much glass…

Yeah, I think once it gest into play, I may create a thicker layer of frosted glass, giving a little more transparency behind movement. But, that can also make your movement and route even more crucial?! Who knows..

Floor 2 Layout

Yeahhh, that glass though…

I was talking a lot with WellsO about what he thought would be cool, and we decided to google “cool modern offices”. After a ton of really cool options we put together a mood board of what we thought would be a fun experience to play in, that we haven’t seen.

Floor 2 & 3 Mood Board

With that, we opened up the room

two stories high, giving you way more head room and giving the room a shiny open feel. Brought LOTS of garden life in various ways, with unique pathways to the movements to the higher floors!

Few more quick details about Floor two.

  • Four corner rooms with zip lines upwards
    • Nursery Room
    • Tropics Garden
    • Supply Room
    • Office
  • Center tree with planters around
  • Weapon POI (still TBD)


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