TryHard Towers:
Floor One

The starting point…

We all have to start somewhere right? Welp, here you go, Floor one, bare as I have a shot of (without just turning things off lol). The mindset with the first floor, is there won’t be too many distractions from you and your first either engagement, or movement route. As the first map, first floor of anything I’ve done in UEFN, I’ve chose to do things as symmetrically as possible to keep things fair. Ain’t she a beauty?

Clear paths forward

Out of spawn you’re given choices to engage with enemies, or push cover points and make a b-line to the second floor for better weapons, heals and positioning. Some games you may ultimately thrive by being aggressive off the rip and fighting teams who are just struggling to push their route. Or other games you and your team press hard for the higher floors, get to the Center Floating Zone (CFZ) and snag the best loot and routes for all the Zones. These dynamic playstyles are what make the TowerWars game type exciting and ever evolving!

Time To Kill (TTK)

One thing in Fortnite is at a competitive level it’s insanely quick APM engagements with wall edits and single shot shotguns. Ideally the goal is to lengthen the time to kill scenarios by creating ample line of sights breaks, plenty of quick heals, and making larger damage weapons a POI on the map, as opposed to a default weapon. The weapons right now are still up in the air for starting guns, which guns will be on which floors, and so forth. As an admitted Fortnite Novice, I’m really hoping to connect with other long term players in the community to bounce ideas off of, and help get a better balanced experience when it comes to gameplay.

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