TryHard Towers:
The Beginning

Wow, where do I begin?!

Epic has done an amazing job at giving the gamers the opportunities to become developers, a personal dream of mine. As a kid, my friend and I used to joke religiously about “being janitors at Microsoft” just so we could say we worked where they made Halo. Gaming has been an integral part of my childhood, teen years, early twenties, and now my adulthood. With that, comes the new generation in our footsteps, and I’m loving nothing more than the opportunity to share my experience and skills and help teach my kids to help enjoy their games, and be on the forefront of whatever they choose to do.

The depths of my knowledge…

From growing up playing OG Wolfenstein, through all the generations of consoles and PC upgrades, one thing remained consistent through my mindset, thirst for competitive interaction. Playing through all the old COD titles, 700+ hours in Apex Legends, and 1k + in Overwatch, I have spent since this Summer on Fortnite with my son. My goal with this isn’t to brag in a sense of playing every game known to man, because there’s plenty more than listed, but more of a sense of broad game type knowledge. Everyone knows something you don’t, and all I am is a sponge for new information. My goal is to communicate my thoughts and ideas for a really fun and engaging map for the Fortnite Community.

Where do we go?

In traditional competitive Fortnite, the gameplay often revolves around building and strategic positioning, with players frequently focusing on hiding or fortifying themselves until the endgame. This approach, while tactical, tends to encourage a more passive style of play, especially in the early to mid-game stages. Players often spend significant time gathering resources and constructing elaborate structures for defense or vantage points. While this tests planning and resource management skills, it can sometimes lead to less engagement early on in direct combat, which might not be as thrilling for some players and spectators.

Tower Wars, in contrast, introduces a dynamic shift to this formula. With its unique map design featuring multi-level towers and a no-build rule, the emphasis is heavily placed on direct combat and strategic movement. This change fosters a more aggressive and action-packed gameplay style, ensuring that engagements happen more frequently and are more focused on player skill in combat rather than building prowess. The different levels of the towers, along with the varied environments – from close-quarters offices to open garden areas – offer diverse combat scenarios, challenging players to adapt quickly and think on their feet.

TowerWars Game type

Tower Wars transforms the battle royale experience with a unique tower-centric map. Players battle across four distinct towers, each offering a different combat environment. The gameplay emphasizes strategic movement and direct combat, with a focus on survival and adaptability.

Gameplay Mechanics & Rules:

  1. Multi-Level Towers: Four towers with varied environments – a close-quarters ground floor, a spacious garden-like second floor, and a top floor with glass-encased offices.
  2. Connected Junctions: All four towers are connected by multi-level junctions, giving ample room to move between towers without forced engagement.
  3. Central Floating Zone: Only accessible from the top floor of the junctions, and top floor of each tower lies the Central Floating Zone (CFZ). Riddled with great loot, heals, positioning and more, this creates the needs for alternate starting routes of engagement.
  4. Zone Wars Adaptation: The game starts with 90 seconds of combat before the zone closes in, moving players towards specific towers and junctions. This repeats every 90 seconds, focusing on a new tower, culminating in the central floating zone.
  5. Team Formats: Supports solo, duos, trios, and squads, accommodating different player group sizes.
  6. Zero Build Rule: Emphasizes combat and strategy over building.
  7. Progressive Weaponry: Players start with basic weapons, with superior gear located on higher floors.
  8. Final Objective: To be the last player or team standing.

Note: These are initial ideas for the Tower Wars game type and are subject to change as we aim to refine the gameplay experience.

Excuse the crudeness, wait I don’t!

I love these early stages of development, and I love even more that I get to digitally create them, and share the process of doing so. Then when it’s all said and done we get to look at where we’ve come!

I think that’s going to be all for today!

Stay tuned Tribe!

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